About Hunter

Artist-Engineer, Physical Interaction Design


I grew up in a machine shop. My dad is a mechanical engineer and my mom is an artist. To me, love and family were intertwined with measuring, designing, drawing, sawing, sewing, soldering, welding, bending, milling and lathing raw materials into something useful and beautiful. Then I got the internet and computers became interesting too.

I began my career in web development as a interactive producer and interaction designer. Most of my projects used mice and touch screens as input devices and eventually, I realized I missed building things with my hands. Several years ago I made the switch to physical interaction design and decided to build a lab for it. Acquiring the software and equipment was easy -- mastering it is a continual endeavor. I established Electric Church as a downtown LA creative technology retreat for artists, designers, musicians and engineers.


I think all artists are fundamentally truth seekers. I see inherent beauty in natural and computational systems and am fascinated with the rules that govern them. Many of my projects involve experiments in computational creativity and interfaces for musical and artistic expression. I also work with wearable technology and devices that can augment and play with our senses. I use technology to do good for the world, to get people interacting – not just with pixels and machines, but with each other.



•  Product & Industrial Design (research, ideation, sketching and CAD)
•  Digital Fabrication (CNC milling, 3D printing, Lasercutting, PCB milling)
•  Circuit Board Design (schematics, PCB layout in ECAD)
•  Fashion & Soft Goods Design (flat-pattern making, draping, sewing)


•  Opensource microcontrollers and microprocessors with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP8266, etc.
•  Audio electronics and speaker arrays
•  Analog & digital sensors for physical interfaces and input devices
•  Mechatronics and motor control


•  Familiar with C++, Python, Processing, and Linux
•  Working knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS  
•  2D/3D graphics programming for CAD and computational design
•  Interactive systems and audio/video processing with Max / MSP / Jitter
•  Networking and data transfer for sensor-actuator networks