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Artist & Engineer, Physical Interaction Design and Wearable Technology


I grew up in a machine shop. My dad, a mechanical engineer, built one on the first level of our family home. Later, he married an artist. To me, love and family were intertwined with measuring, designing, drawing, sawing, sewing, soldering, welding, bending, milling and lathing raw materials into something useful and beautiful. Then I got the internet and computers became far more interesting.

For over ten years I worked in interactive web development as a producer, product manager, interaction designer and a more generally a project lead that made people and things work. Most of my projects used mice and touch screens as input devices and eventually, I realized I missed building things with my hands. I made the switch to physical interaction design in 2013 and decided to build a lab for it. Acquiring the software and equipment was easy -- mastering it is a continual endeavor. In lieu of graduate school, I taught myself math, physics, electrical engineering and computer science while taking night courses at Art Center for product and industrial design. I created prototypes of my artistic ideas and applied the skills I was learning at the time to their production. In 2017, I began an engineering residency at the Hackaday/Supplyframe Design Lab and gained hands-on experience with digital fabrication and small scale manufacturing.


I think all artists are fundamentally truth seekers and I believe the purest form of truth is contained in music and audio signals. Many of my projects involve experimental interfaces for musical and artistic expression. I also work with wearable technology and devices that can augment and play with our senses. I see inherent beauty in natural and computational systems and am fascinated with the rules that govern them. I am also interested in how we utilize technology to enhance our creativity and I hope that my work inspires others to use devices as tools and not the other way around.


Design & Prototyping

•  Product & Industrial Design (research, ideation, sketching and CAD w/Fusion 360 & Rhino)
•  Digital Fabrication (CNC milling, 3D printing, lasercutting, PCB milling)
•  Electronics Design (schematics, circuit board layout in ECAD w/Kicad & Eagle)
•  Fashion & Soft Goods Design (flat-pattern making, draping, sewing)


•  Digital electronics with open source microcontrollers & microprocessors
•  Analog electronics for audio
•  Sensors and actuators, including designing physical interfaces and input devices
•  Motor control

Middleware and Software

•  Wireless sensor-actuator networks with Open Sound Control
•  2D and 3D graphics programming for CAD with Python
•  2D and 3D graphics programming for physics engines and natural systems with Processing / P5.js
•  Interactive interfaces and audio processing with Max
•  Currently learning and applying Node.js for embedded systems



•  2016 - 2018 Art Center College of Design (ACN): Product Design, Sketching, 3D modeling and Soft Goods Design


•  2014 Autodesk Pier 9: New Skins - 3D Printed Textiles for Fashion workshop
•  2015 CCRMA @ Stanford: New Music Controllers workshop
•  2015 CNMAT @ UC Berkeley: Max MSP Day & Night workshop
•  2016 CCRMA @ Stanford: EEG and AI workshop
•  2016 CCRMA @ Stanford: Sound for Game Design workshop