Instrument a Day

5 years ago

I created a musical instrument and recorded a live composition every day for the month of February and rediscovered my inner child.


This project was inspired after I saw a talk at Eyeo Festival by Ranjit Bhatnagar, a personal friend and NYC artist that works with music and sound. You can view 10 years' worth of his "Instrument a Day" projects here.

The rules for this project were:

1) Create an instrument and record a composition with it every day for the month of February.

2) Do not plan any instruments in advance, everything had to be thought of and built the day of.

3) The compositions and recordings are improvisational.

4) Post the final video on Instagram by midnight.


This project was a lot of fun and the constraints forced me out of my creative comfort zone. I learned that you can make complex music using just rhythm and timbre. I also learned that art doesn't need to make a grand statement and you can create something meaningful from the every day. Ever since this project I notice that I often scan my environments for things to play with and make noise.

Hunter Futo

Published 5 years ago