Wearable e-ink screen

4 years ago

A flexible e-paper display designed to be worn on the body.

Epidermal electronics have been in development for several years; most devices are designed to collect biometric data to be displayed on an external device or use the surface of the skin as an interface for touch input. This project, developed at the Supplyframe / Hackaday Design Lab in Pasadena, aims to develop a platform in which the skin's surface becomes the display itself.


I'm using a flexible e-paper display due to its low energy consumption, lightweight and micrometer-thin components, daylight readability and ultra wide viewing angle. The grayscale qualities of e-ink make it seem like an appropriate medium to mimic tattoo designs.


The original concept was for a device that could be worn directly on the skin, but it could also be added to other accessories, sneakers or anywhere on the body where it would be useful to collect and display biometric data.

Hunter Futo

Published 4 years ago